Housing ForecastIn 2013, the housing market recovered dramatically. Home prices often increased by double-digit percentages in monthly year-over-year comparisons. In fact, nationwide prices increased by 10.9 percent in 2013 compared to 2012.

While we are not seeing the double-digit growth we saw last year, so far 2014 has brought steady, consistent growth, and will continue to do so. Most estimates expect prices to increase between three and five percent in 2014. 

For homeowners, this is tremendous news. Already, millions have regained equity in their homes for the first time since the housing crisis first hit. And as home prices continue to increase, even more homeowners will see value restored to their homes.

I have a report entitled, “Housing Forecast: Sunny with chance of increasing prices,” that details the housing forecast for this year and why, if you’ve been waiting to sell your home until the market improved, today may be that day. Do you know how much your home is worth? Probably more than you think!

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